11:00 News

11:00 News presents commentary on what has become the primary source of mass information dissemination in America today: the local news. Ostensibly reflecting the uniqueness of its local area, too often the local news is a prepackaged megaphone for corporate monoculture, redundant and anesthetizing.

In this video, five different 11:00 news shows recorded in five different cities, each on the same night on local time, are shown simultaneously without edits. Each recorded broadcast alternatively surfaces and submerges, becoming progressively distorted and intertwined with other broadcasts, allowing a window into the repeated patterns of structure and content. Eventually the process reverts to the original programs, leaving us, after an unsettling experience, with the “goodnight” wishes of the info-tainment industry.

11:00 News was originally created to be screened during MAP Intermedia performances.