Balance-Unbalance Conference: Live Streaming Panel

I participated in an online panel on May 11 2016 for the Balance-Unbalance 2016 Conference in Manizales, Colombia. The conference focuses on sound, art, and the environment. Our panel discusses the potential for a worldwide open microphone network to become a resource for artists, researchers and activists working around acoustics and ecology. Youtube archive here.

My fellow panelists:

Grant Smith, (Manizales, CO, ): Reveil / Soundcamp and the Live Audio Archive.

John Grzinich, (Estonia / ): Streaming the dawn chorus from Estonia for Reveil/soundCamp

Maria Papadomanolaki, (London / ):  Sonic Perceptual Ecologies + Transient streams

Dawn Scarfe (London, UK, ): Reflections from Bivvy Broadcasts and Estonia

Zach Poff (NY, USA, ): Pond Station: live sounds from a pond in upstate New York

Shimotoku Daisuke (Tokyo, JP/ ): The cyberforest programme at the Un of Tokyo

Jiyeon Kim (Jeju Island, S Korea / ): Streaming from Wasan-Ri for Reveil

Eric Leonardson (Manizales, CO / ): The Radius soundcamp in Chicago

Leah Barclay (Brisbane, AU / ): The Biospheres Soundscapes programme.