Hunter College IMA Workshop 2017

I was invited to produce a 3-session sound workshop for the Integrated Media Arts graduate program at Hunter College in Spring 2017. The first session was devoted to capturing sounds which became raw materials to be manipulated in the later sessions to learn Reaper editing software.

Session 1: Field Recording (sound vocabulary, mono and stereo perception, recorder settings and file-formats, which mics to use for which sources and perspectives, unconventional sensors like contact mics and light-listeners, practicalities like voice-slating, wind-protection, etc)

Session 2: Organizing and Reaper Practicalities (Reviewing / naming / organizing files, Reaper installation and setup, cutting, trimming, looping, normalization, fades, mixing with volume/pan envelopes, checking main mix levels, using EQ practically and creatively, mono/stereo channel operations, quick mixdown and export)

Session 3: Advanced Reaper (Converting Premiere project via Vordio, effects like compression, pitch & time manipulation, delay, IR and algorithmic reverb, NR, when to use sends instead of insert FX, pre/post fader sends, surround mixing)