The Alchemist’s Secret Assistant

4min 17sec, Video from modified surveillance camera, 2008

“The Alchemist’s Secret Assistant” is a series of ephemeral hops between microscopic surfaces. The camera steals details from murky contexts as it weaves a trail around the body of the alchemist, follows the contours of cryptic diagrams, and traces the ripples of enchanted liquids. But how long has the assistant been watching?

It was commissioned for Eyes and Ears 2: Sound Needs Image, a live performance of video and film scores, co-curated by Joanna Raczynska and Will Redman. The evening featured moving image works by artists Bruce Checefsky. Sara Hornbacher, Caroline Koebel. Hollie Lavenstein, Stephanie Maxwell, and myself with performances by the Open Music Ensemble and special guests.

The musicians interpreted each silent film/video piece as a visual score. My ensemble was Steve Baczkowski, Bill Sack, Chris Reba, and Will Redman.

Screening History

  • 2008 “Eyes and Ears 2: Sound Needs Image”, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Buffalo NY