Trio For Other Ears

“Trio For Other Ears” is a 15 minute audio piece that I composed for the 2021 World Listening Day live stream.

The WLD 2021 theme was “The Unquiet Earth”. I found this excerpt from the prompt especially meaningful:  Small, hidden, subterranean, aerial, underwater, infra- and ultrasonic sounds, inaudible to the naked ear, can bring a new, potentially hopeful, perspective on the future of the planet and humanity. Listening as activism encourages us to question our attitudes as listeners as we aim to construct a more inclusive and empathetic new world. 

The piece focuses on the ultrasound world of bats, the 17yr lifecycle of periodical cicadas, and the daily flow of underwater life captured by my Pond Station installation.

Trio For Other Ears (2021) 14:30

This recording is part of my ongoing practice of “auscultation”: listening to the vibrations of objects and underwater environments, revealing hidden interiors like a doctor’s stethoscope probing the systems of the body. This helps me to consider my relationship to the more-than-human as I stretch my ears to practice other ways of listening, communicating, and inhabiting the world. See my other recordings and writings related to auscultation.