Live Stream: Patapsco

A live audio stream broadcasting in June 2021 from the edge of a state forest in Maryland, USA. Established to celebrate the emergence of the 17 year periodical cicadas.

Pond Station

Live streaming the hidden activity of a freshwater pond.

Sferics 2: Bell Cloud

Bursts of natural atmospheric radio energy (“sferics”) control a room full of mechanized bells.


Uncovered is a sound installation where a “cloud” of umbrellas showers listeners with narrow beams of sound.

Witnesses: SCOPE

I exhibited a version of my Witnesses piece at SCOPE New York art fair 2013. Seven circuit-bent Buddhist chant-boxes responded to a slideshow of images from the opening of the Headscapes group exhibition.

The Aural Ecosystem

The Aural Ecosystem applies the generative structures of nature to audio synthesis, creating an ‘ecosystem’ that develops over time.


Witnesses is an installation where circuit-bent Buddhist chant-boxes create a dense sound composition in response to television images.

The Past is a Ghost

The Past is a Ghost is an interactive video installation where a viewer’s live video image is joined by glimpses of previous passers-by, creating a compressed virtual history.

The Sentiment Machine

The Sentiment Machine is a self-regulating sound installation that remixes broadcast television’s staple products, producing an automatic “conversation” with consistent topical continuity.

Radio Silence - Radio Sculpture #4

Radio Silence

Radio Silence explores the silent moments of talk-radio, combining eight AM broadcasts into an expanded conversation based on the “negative spaces” between words.

Video Silence - TV and Person

Video Silence

Video Silence harvests an ongoing compilation of silent moments from broadcast television.