11:00 News

5 local news shows (recorded on the same night in 5 cities) are mixed simultaneously without edits. The standardized structure of info-tainment shines through as the local details are obscured.

Movement Reflection

Movement Reflection is a single channel, stereo audio/video presentation which results from a process of recycling and abstraction.

The Shape of Memory

The Shape of Memory explores the patterns of recollection. Super8 home movie frames are removed from their original timeline and re-ordered according to visual rules.

Video Silence - TV and Person

Video Silence

Video Silence harvests an ongoing compilation of silent moments from broadcast television.

The Alchemist's Secret Assistant

The Alchemist’s Secret Assistant

A video where the camera weaves a trail around the body of an alchemist, follows the contours of cryptic diagrams, and traces the ripples of enchanted liquids.

Ice (still)


16mm film: A bright frozen world accompanied by shortwave telemetry, and a parallel world hidden in darkness.

Fluoro (still)


16mm Film: Interrupting a backdrop of glowing fluorescent tubes and field-recordings, a synthesized voice commands the film to “stop” …