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First some answers to common software questions:

Does your software do what I want?

Please read the website carefully. Then download the software and try it first. If you have any specific questions or bug reports, feel free to get in touch.

Zach, my company wants to use your “product” for something BIG! Call me ASAP so we can synergize about this.

Sorry bro! My apps are made in my (limited) free time.  If something is useful to your business, I’m glad. However, I offer no promise of support, and I’m certainly never going to call you to solve your problems on the phone.

Have you ever thought about adding this feature …?

I’m always open to ideas and curious to hear about the different ways people use the software that I share. The source code is included in my downloads, so you can add whatever features you want if you have the MAX visual programming environment.

You made it this far, let’s email!

If you want to email me, please solve this riddle:
[the first letter of my first name]

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