Pond Station featured in Solar Power Art & Design Book

I’m looking forward to reading Alex Nathanson’s new book A History of Solar Power Art and Design. Alex interviewed me about my Pond Station installation, which is powered by solar photovoltaics and audibly reflects the solar cycle as it tracks the pond’s changes throughout the day and the year. From the book description:

This book examines the history of creative applications of photovoltaic (PV) solar power, including sound art, wearable technology, public art, industrial design, digital media, building integrated design, and many others. The growth in artists and designers incorporating solar power into their work reflects broader social, economic, and political events. As the cost of PV cells has come down, they have become more accessible and have found their way into a growing range of design applications and artistic practices. As climate change continues to transform our environment and becomes a greater public concern, the importance of integrating sustainable energy technologies into our culture grows as well.

You can purchase the book at https://www.routledge.com/A-History-of-Solar-Power-Art-and-Design/Nathanson/p/book/9780367465681 and use the code FLY21 for a 20% discount.