Pond Station – The Acoustic Commons on Resonance Extra

This Friday (December 15th, 2017) my Pond Station installation will be included in The Acoustic Commons, a live broadcast series on London’s Resonance Extra. Starting at Noon UTC (7am here in the Eastern US) we will hear 30 minutes of the underwater life of the pond, followed by a Q&A about the project.

The Acoustic Commons relays live streams on the Locus Sonus open microphone network and elsewhere, and conversations with streamers who transmit the sounds.

Set up and maintained by a disparate group of artists, activists, naturalists, and technicians, these feeds provide real-time online links with the microphone locations at all times, revealing flows of activities, organisms and sounds from moment to moment and over the course of days and seasons.

As the network grows, it provides a wider and more detailed account of the diversity of soundscapes, linking the very local and the global. In some cases, as at Cyberforest, the streams are logged, creating an audio observatory for long term environmental monitoring. Other streams go unrecorded, sharing an ephemeral opening onto another place.

24 November – 29 December 2017
Fridays 12 Noon to 1pm London time (UTC)