Canon Scoopic 16M Manual & Info

Scoopic 16M Manual

We got one of these wonderful cameras at work, so I went looking for a free high-quality PDF manual to print. Cal State has a good one, but it has a watermark on every page. There is a reasonably-scanned copy on Erkan Umut’s website but it’s yellowed and has some of the edges cropped off. Here is my version …

Download: High Quality Canon Scoopic 16M PDF Manual

What I did to it:

  • Tweaked levels to get consistent white backgrounds and crisp text
  • Re-colorized some of the diagrams
  • Straightened and cropped each page
  • Ran it through OCR so the text is searchable
  • Inserted blank pages so facing pages stay in order during double-sided printing

Replacing Your Scoopic Eye Cup

A rubber eye-cup for a Scoopic 16M can be very hard to find, but the grey cup from an Arri 16BL fits perfectly and is somewhat easier to obtain. (My photo shows black metal parts which are part of the Arri mount. Unscrew them and stretch the grey rubber cup around your Scoopic eyepiece. It fits perfectly.)


  • As of late 2011, the eBay seller “asherphoto2007” had Arri 16BL eyecups for sale.
  • I think the original Scoopic 16 (without the “M”) has a different eyecup so this trick won’t work on that camera.
  • Some Arri viewfinders use a black eyecup with 2 accordion folds. I’m not sure if that one will fit the Scoopic, but I doubt it.