Contact Microphone Pages

This is my landing page for all things related to contact microphones. I’ve been building and using them for years, so I’ve tried a lot of things!

My Contact Mic Pages

Choosing a Contact Mic For Field Recording
Complete advice for sound-recordists who are getting started using contact microphones, including a table of many commercial and DIY options.

Building a Simple, Durable Contact Microphone
My step-by-step guide to building the simplest DIY contact microphone possible (while prioritizing durability and decent frequency response).

3D-Printed DIY Contact Microphone
The contact mic design that I built for students in 2020. I wanted to give them durable tools with great sound, but it had to be cheap and reasonably easy to build.

PIP Piezo Preamplifier
A very low noise piezo preamp that runs on plug-in-power (“PIP”) from small recorders.

Alex Rice Piezo Preamplifier
Alex Rice designed a phantom-powered preamplifier for piezo contact mics and hydrophones. It sounds great but his site is offline. I posted his files and made some changes of my own.