Fan Duct for Elmo 16-CL 16mm Projector

This is a replacement fan duct (or shroud) for the Elmo 16-CL 16mm film projector. Elmo calls it a “Fan Casing” (part #4P31837) in their service manuals.

The original parts often age badly and become brittle, so I designed this copy based on the dimensions of the original. I added gussets on the mounting tabs to enhance the strength of the part since it will be subject to vibration.

I’ve installed it and it fits fine using the original screws. I didn’t make a hole for the middle support bracket because it seems that some projectors use different bracket designs. I just drilled a hole to match my particular unit. The original duct has a sticker that explains the 50Hz/60Hz belt arrangement, so I included a scan for you to print and attach.

Download files from Thingiverse