Lomo Tank Adapter for “Bucket Processing”

This is a light-tight funnel for the Lomo UPB-1A film processing tank, used for processing 16mm and 8mm motion picture film. I’m calling it a “bucket processing adapter” because it provides an escape route for folks who can’t get the Lomo reels properly loaded in the dark. They can screw this adapter into the Lomo’s lid and stuff their film inside for quick and dirty bucket processing. (Without this adapter, you would need to insert the reels and spindle to make the tank light-tight, leaving no room to stuff your film.) I’m hoping this gadget will help relieve Lomo loading anxiety!

The top piece is a raised disc with a pocket for a 1/4-20 nylon hex bolt that attaches to the drain on the bottom via a matching nylon nut. The drain has a labyrinth so the chemistry can pass through but the light is blocked.


  • I wouldn’t recommend stuffing a whole 100ft roll of film in there. 50ft is more sane.
  • This part still needs some testing to make sure it doesn’t fog film, but it passes the flashlight test

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