Tripod Adapter for Rode Microphone Shockmounts

Rode makes excellent microphone shockmounts that are affordable and compact and use Rycote “lyre” suspensions. The SM3-R fits on cameras via the cold-shoe. The SM4-R has a 5/8″ mic stand mount for studio use. The PG2-R has a pistol grip with 3/8″ mount for boompole. All three use the same main body. The difference lies in the mounting hardware that bolts on the bottom via 3mm screws.

This thing is a 1/4″ tripod mounting adapter that bolts to the Rode shockmount in place of the mounting hardware. With it, you can mount any of the Rode shockmount variations on a standard tripod. For field-recording I usually carry my mic on a small folding tripod which does double duty as a pistol grip. I can quickly move the mic over to a selfie sticks, grip clamp, etc.

Designed in OpenSCAD (source file included). Uses the Regular Convex Polygon library by VincentD:

Download files from Thingiverse