Zoom H1n Recorder Shockmount

This is a reliable and simple shockmount for the Zoom H1n audio recorder (and probably other small handheld recorders). Designed in OpenSCAD (source file included).


  • Isolate handling noise as much as possible
  • Quick to attach to un-modified recorder, but reasonably secure
  • Headphone and mic jacks accessible
  • All buttons & knobs accessible, display not blocked
  • Compatible with foam windscreens
  • Mountable via standard 1/4″ tripod screw (a collapsible mini tripod works great as a handle)
  • Sits flat on a table
  • Easy to print, lightweight but rigid

Required Parts:

  • Rubber bands. I used “Scunci” brand silicone hair bands from Rite Aid. (Approx 40mm diameter)
  • 1/4″-20 nut


  • Uses the Regular Convex Polygon library by VincentD
  • Print all parts and glue the arms to the base. I used CA glue and it holds fine. If you’re worried about strength, drill some holes and screw it together.
  • Depending on your printer calibration, you may need to pound the nut into the base with a hammer. I did and it holds fine.
  • The STL contains the parts for one complete shockmount. The included OpenSCAD file makes it easy to remix or export each part individually.
  • The recorder fits better if you insert it as shown (hard to explain, but the side of each rubber band that faces the top of recorder should go behind it).
  • The volume rocker on the recorder rattles, which can make it sound like the shockmount isn’t working! A small piece of gaff tape will stop it.

Download files from Thingiverse (link updated December 2020)