Zoom H2n Top Knob & Button Guard

These are 3D-printable accessories for the Zoom H2n audio recorder. They were designed with FreeCAD 0.18 and source files are included.

H2n Knob

I find it really hard to turn the knob on top of the recorder to change mic options, especially if it’s cold or humid outside. This printable knob provides more grip, without adding too much height. Carefully superglue it on top of the existing knob (making sure not to let the glue go into the crack ). I added white paint to the groove on top.

H2n Guard

I use a fur windscreen that slides on top of the recorder, but the menu buttons always get pushed while putting it on. This printable guard protects the buttons without blocking thumb access. Like the knob, just superglue in place.


Download files from Thingiverse