Having trouble running my software on MacOS Mojave or later? After many years of distributing my software for free, Apple's recent software policies have made it difficult or impossible for me to continue. Independent developers like myself are now required to pay Apple each year and have our software approved by Apple, otherwise our apps will be tagged as dangerous or "damaged" and can't be opened. For the foreseeable future I can't invest the time and money to fix these problems, but you may be able to work around it by right-clicking the app and selecting "Open" or using the method described on OSXDaily.

Soundscape Composer

Soundscape Composer provides an intuitive interface to organize, mix, and alter sounds within an archive. It was developed in collaboration with N.B. Aldrich.

The initial version of the software was created for Opera House Arts in Stonington, Maine in 2005 as the playback component of a community sound-gathering project. It was installed on a public computer so anyone could remix and transform local sounds in an easy-to-use compositional environment. The project was aligned with the goals of the Acoustic Ecology movement: encouraging the collection and enjoyment of audio recordings not just as aesthetic objects but also as aids in understanding and appreciating the world around us.

Soundscape Composer can be configured for live performance or unattended public “kiosks”.

Download Current Version (It’s old but it works!)

v-2013-02-04 (Mac)

You may need to adjust your security settings and/or install Java. See Installation Instructions.