BrightSign Video Sync Scripts

These scripts will configure BrightSign players for multi-channel synchronized playback without BrightAuthor software.

Live Video Delay

Live Video Delay is a simple application with a self-explanatory name. It shows a full-screen time-delayed feed from an attached video camera. Stereo audio can be delayed to match.

Video Trigger

Attach a camera and trigger sounds whenever occupancy is detected in six user-defined areas of the video image. You have complete control over the playback logic and signal routing. Surround is supported.

Chroma Key Live

Chroma Key Live “keys out” selected areas of your camera feed, allowing your background image to show through. It supports HD resolutions and offers full GPU acceleration.

Multi-Point Keystone Video Player

A simple (free) “projection mapping” tool for distorting video during playback. Stretch your image to fit into corners, ceilings, or other complex shapes.

Video Triggers Video

Play a video whenever occupancy is detected in a live camera feed. (Based on Video Trigger.)

Frame Subtractor

Frame Subtractor is an application that removes background information from video images. It highlights moving objects and makes stationary things disappear.


SingleFramer is a frame-capture application for animators. It captures individual frames from an attached video camera, either manually or automatically (time-lapse).