Having trouble running my software on MacOS Mojave or later? After many years of distributing my software for free, Apple's recent software policies have made it difficult or impossible for me to continue. Independent developers like myself are now required to pay Apple each year and have our software approved by Apple, otherwise our apps will be tagged as dangerous or "damaged" and can't be opened. For the foreseeable future I can't invest the time and money to fix these problems, but you may be able to work around it by right-clicking the app and selecting "Open" or using the method described on OSXDaily.

Video Triggers Video

Play a video whenever occupancy is detected in a live camera feed.

“Video Triggers Video” is based on my existing software, Video Trigger (which plays sounds when movement is detected). People often ask if there is a way to make Video Trigger play videos instead of sounds (for media art, trade shows, etc). Now there is!


  • In the “Video Input Settings” window you can choose a capture resolution and record/playback your camera feed to make it easy to test your setup. (See the camera compatibility page for supported cameras and video input devices.)
  • Draw a zone on your video image and memorize your background.
  • Load a movie.
  • If something moves within your zone, your video will play.
  • You can choose whether your movie can be re-triggered before it finishes (like a drum-machine) or if it must play to the end before it can be re-triggered.

VPT (Video Projection Tool) is a free app by HC Gilje that handles all kinds of complicated video projection tasks (cueing, mixing, effects, keystoning, etc…). He made a VPT extension based on Video Trigger so you can use a camera to trigger any VPT function. If you want more control than my app provides, try it out.

Download Current Version

2010-11-23 (Mac Intel/PPC)

November 23, 2010, 12MB with source “patches” for MAX/MSP/Jitter 5.
You may need to adjust your security settings and/or install Java. See Installation Instructions.

There is no Windows version (details).

Known Bugs in this version:

  • “Video Input Settings…” might show irrelevant information, but it will still work.
  • In fullscreen mode, your video will be scaled to fill the entire screen, so your movie will appear stretched if it doesn’t match the display aspect ratio.
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