Sound Ethnographies Workshop – April 2019

I’ll be teaching an afternoon session on expanded sound recording techniques in the upcoming Sound Ethnographies workshop at Uniondocs in Brooklyn, NY. This 3-day workshop will be led by sound scholar and filmmaker Amanda Gutierrez from April 12th – 14th, 2019.

I have been involved in several of these in the past and they’re truly amazing events. Uniondocs has a great nurturing community and participants tend to keep in touch and share projects long after the workshop is over. There are several new instructors this time around, too (see links below).

Here is the description of the workshop:

This three-day intensive will immerse participants in using sound to understand and document the world. Through critical listening exercises, practical demonstrations, guest presentations, readings and discussions, students will explore what sound is and what it does, learning to critically and ethically integrate sound recording and sonic research into their artistic and scholarly practices. Over the course of the workshop, students will develop a range of sound recording techniques and will learn to craft stories, included in filmmaking techniques, arguments, and artworks from recorded sounds.


  • Amanda Gutierrez (lead instructor)
  • Luz Maria Sanchez
  • Zach Poff
  • Adela Goldbard
  • James T. Green
  • Viv Corringham